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Dual Sim Cell Phones For Sale In Trinidad and Tobago


Looking to upgrade your cell phone? Find phones for sale in Trinidad and Tobago. Tired of carrying around two cell phones? Then it time to find out where dual sim cell phones for sale can be bought.  If you don't know, a dual SIM card phone is just what it sounds like: a handset with slots for two SIM cards.

SIM cards are the little plastic cards that give your phone its number and identify you as a subscriber to a carrier when you make a call. You also can transfer your number to another handset just by swapping the sim card out


So, as you'd expect, a phone with two SIM cards can hold two numbers and two identities at once. You can make or receive calls and send or receive texts on either number and give each number only to the people that you chose.



Dual Sim Cell Phones For Sale In Trinidad and Tobago


Going abroad

Let's say that you're going to Queens NY on vacation. You want to take a phone so you can keep in touch with local friends and traveling companions. In addition to being reachable by your family back home. Traditionally, you had two choices: either use your existing number and pay expensive carrier roaming fees or take an unlocked handset and pair it with a USA SIM card.

Each option has its pros and cons. When using your usual number meant that the folks back home can reach you without making an international call. On the other hand, you'd have to fork over roaming fees to call home and to reach anyone in Queens NY.

Getting a local SIM is great for calling within the USA, but you'd still have to pay more to phone anywhere else. Also, remember that once you remove a SIM card from a phone, the number attached to it is essentially useless.

If someone tries to contact you, the call goes straight to voice mail and you get no alert that they rang. Similarly, text messages would be lost in space while your SIM card is out of commission. With a dual-SIM cell phone, however, you don't have to select one or the other. Dual sim cell phones for sale allows anyone at home can reach you immediately and cheaply (not vice versa, though) and you can chat with local friends without incurring roaming fees. It's convenient, it saves money, and you don't have to carry around two handsets.

Why Buy A Dual Sim Cell Phone For Sale

A dual-SIM phone also is a great way to carry one device while keeping your personal and work lives separate. You don't have to give your personal phone number to your boss or clients and you can keep your work number out of the hands of telemarketers. Also, when an unknown number shows up on your caller ID, you'll be able to see which line is ringing and get a clue as to what the call is about.


When can I get one?

The good news is that you can buy a dual-SIM phone now. There are a growing number available online, so I'd encourage you to read reviews and compare prices to find the right handset for you. We have reviewed dual sim cell phones bought on Amazon and give them a 5 star rating. Dual Sim Cell Phones for sale on Amazon are factory unlocked making them ready to use on local and international networks.



Samsung Phones For Sale


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - Special Offer

On the global market, Samsung phones are second in sales only to Nokia. In Trinidad and Tobago it is the top selling brand. As one of the world's largest manufacturers of mobile phones, they offer devices ranging from basic cell phones to the more advanced smartphones that have exploded on the market in recent years. Since they are a leader in the industry, there are several benefits to owning a Samsung cellular phone. Since developing South Korea's first mobile phone in 1988, Samsung has worked constantly to improve the performance of mobile devices. See the latest Samsung Phones In Trinidad.


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